Sunday, June 12, 2011

back on track, field, road and hills.

It is good to be back running after a major setback because of d injury i had a month ago. Now, i am preparing physically and mentally for my first half marathon.

I put on some weight and dealt with d office dilemma. I dont wanna talk about it anymore. Life must go on. Afterall, life is not always about money u get but the people u share it with. :)

A few days ago, i got the chance to re-experience the joy of roller-blading again. Yeah, it was many years ago, back when i was in primary school that i did rollerblading for fun with friends. But this time around, it was with my siblings who had never rollerblade/skate before. Kids nowadays prefer to computer games and ipad *sigh*
Oh, i was down on my big ass bum like, 4 times? Haha..

Do google the wheels, subang avenue for more details. :)

Abah's bday later on in Al-rawsha was a fun one. All of us were actually dressed up in Arabic inspired attire just to spice it up a bit. Everyone was taking up that part beautifully. We agreed that the food is so-so, but the companionship was flattering me as it was my idea. It is our first fun fressing cum birthday party. :) small things do make a difference. Everyone was happy and full after gobbing ourselves with lamb mandy. Haha.. me myself could not finish d rice but the half kilo steamed lamb was in my tummy after a blink. Hehe.. made an excuse of, i will be LSD-ing tomorrow and need all this protein and carbs. Haha.. screw d excuse.. :p

The next day, i woke up at 5am somethg, get ready and drove off to taman metropolitan, kepong for the training. Did 4 big loops, which is equivalent to 16km at a very slow pace. Did 2hrs 14mins and if i were to finish a HM, i will target myself to finish it sub 3. :) it will be my first and i dont aim for a very nice timing, but to finish it with pride. hehe..

Well, ok. That's all for now. I got a pasta in my tummy for breakfast and later i wanna do and long-slow-shopping pulak. Haha..

I would like to express my gratitude and zillion thanks to:-
Allah, for giving me this chance to be happy and content with my life right now.
My family, for d companionship, fun joy and laughter and for the tremendous support.
My other half for fetching me to and fro the training venues. Hehe.. cant thank u enuf cos this is what i love to do and with u i got the chance to do it.

And to u, who spent some time to read this humble blog of mine, thank u. Hope u are happy with your life and have a nice day. :D

Note: LSD = Long Slow Distance. It is a part of marathon training that will result in building the runner's endurance for long distance.

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