Monday, May 16, 2011

some DIY flowers that i fall in love with. 
i plan to make a headpiece or deco from the fabric flower since im not a fan of crown/tiara.  :) 
credits to the blog links owners. i do not own any of these pics and tutorials. just compiling it for my future reference & as an inspiration for some pengantin to be out there.  ;D

nih tutorial utk paper flower. tapi rasanya bole juga pakai utk fabric flower. link:

simple and nice. suitable for bridesmaid or flower girl. something to return their favor, rite?  ;)

a lovely centerpiece  ;)  2 types in one link:

say hello to flower hallo~ link:

lovely, lovely... 
i hope my dream of indie wedding will be a reality...

p/s: kalau tak dpt indie sgt pun, indie sesikit pon jadi lah kan..  :P

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